Amelia, my tummy alien :)

Everytime i watch this picture i get emotional (dam hormones) because at times i still can’t believe i’m going to be a mom, that there is a life growing inside of me.Such an overpowering and indescribable feeling it is to be going though this.


For every woman her experience is different and no two cases are ever the same.Yes it’s nice to talk to another mom-to-be or someone who has gone through the whole process already but sometimes it scares me even more.I’m not afraid to say it scares the living daylights out of me when i think of labour. 😦

Call me a punk if you must, but wouldn’t the thought of having to push out something from inside you just seem scary and un-natural sounding????

Anyway enough of that gross stuff lol.So far i’ve had many ups and downs throughout my pregnancy. Be it financial, healthwise, emotionally etc but in all that my little girl is as happy and healthy as can be.

In the picture she is 25weeks but i’m now 28 weeks….Almost time…Even while i type this she is stretching and kicking to her hearts desire.At times i run my nails across my tummy just to see her reaction.Sometimes my tummy looks so weird and misshapen i’m like what are you doing Amelia.

IMG-20170422-WA0000See what i mean, don’t know if that’s her butt or what poking up like that lol.That’s why i call her my tummy alien because it all looks like something out of this world.(Also her first ultrasound showed her with a big head and tiny body)

Hopefully will one day be able to show you all the kind of activity that goes on, somehow she always knows when a camera is on her and immediately stops moving but i’ll catch her.


One thing for sure is Amelia has added beauty and a glow to me.Well not all the times, some days i look in the mirror and scare myself lol.Other days i take so many selfies that i run out of storage space.

Enough of my ramblings i just want every woman, every mother/mom-to-be to just embrace yourself and love your body.Stretch marks and all.After all it is amazing to be able to have a life growing inside you……


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