I’m just a mom documenting her pregnancy journey.This blog is my way of keeping my sanity and helping me to cope with this motherhood road that i’m on.I always write in diaries so why not share my thoughts and experiences with everyone.Hope that you enjoy and feel entertained as you take a peek into my […]

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2020, Covid-19 & a toddler?

It’s only the beginning of May and already it feels like the world is going up in flames (although that did happen in Australia). Did someone started playing truth or dare, maybe even jumanji and BOOM earth lost the bet? Cause that’s how it feels. Here we are quite content in our tiny slice of […]

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being my own boss

Let me tell you, its hard as hell trying to run my own business. So I have finally started my own business earlier this month and although it has only just started and i don’t expect instant success but it is taking a lot of patience. Its like your taking care of a child all […]

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Remake yourself….

Much easier said than done I know….. Since the beginning of 2019, up until now I have surely changed a lot and I am happy that I have. Many persons believes that it is because I’m in a relationship with an older guy which is why there is a major change. Part of that is […]

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Rainy days and coffee

Nothing is more satisfying than feeling that hot coffee coursing through your body especially on a coldĀ  day like it is today. Its been pouring rain from since last night until late today, even with some out bursts of thunder here and there. Lucky for me I’ve got the best cuddle buddy ever (my daughter) […]

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Growing Within

It is easy to see when we have grown on the outside especially if we look into a mirror daily. But the difficulty lies in knowing when growth has occurred within. Each year on our birthday we tend to say “one year older, one year wiser”, truth be told if we were to sit down […]

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