I’m just a mom documenting her pregnancy journey.This blog is my way of keeping my sanity and helping me to cope with this motherhood road that i’m on.I always write in diaries so why not share my thoughts and experiences with everyone.Hope that you enjoy and feel entertained as you take a peek into my […]

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30 weeks & counting

The time is drawing near, so very close Anxiety rising  Panic and fear is starting to show its ugly head I feel like the walls are closing in around me  Leaving me with no breathing space My clocking is ringing loudly but the sound i hear is that of a newborn  Is it normal to […]

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My bad habit

Problem with me is that when i start doing something after a while i lose interest and eventually just stop all together.Yes that’s the most terrible habit, i’m trying my best to get rid of. Like with art i use to be very good at it, could be even great but nooooo i lost motivation […]

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“Music”word of the day

What would life be like without it?? HORRIBLE that’s what.Even to just picture that seems scary for all i see is a life dull and grey.Music is life, it is a medicine for the soul, a healer.No one will feel worthy of living if it wasn’t for music. On days when we feel down first […]

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Dammm it’s a month already

Just got an email telling me happy one month anniversary.At first i was like huh, but then i realized it was referring to my blog.Truly can’t believe it is that long already. Along the way i’ve come across amazing bloggers with awesome posts and a pretty good following for a newbie.Everyday i see someone from a […]

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There are times when i think to myself “why smile, why act like all is well” .Then i get all frustrated and depressed. But when i begin to feel like way i know i’ve gotta shake myself awake and smile because our enemies feed off our defeat, they enjoy kicking us when we are down.Days […]

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Always loved these photos. They were taken last year when i was going to support my bf at a Dj competition. Had loads of fun and i looked really amazing 🙂 …..

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