I’m just a mom documenting her pregnancy journey.This blog is my way of keeping my sanity and helping me to cope with this motherhood road that i’m on.I always write in diaries so why not share my thoughts and experiences with everyone.Hope that you enjoy and feel entertained as you take a peek into my […]

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Growing Within

It is easy to see when we have grown on the outside especially if we look into a mirror daily. But the difficulty lies in knowing when growth has occurred within. Each year on our birthday we tend to say “one year older, one year wiser”, truth be told if we were to sit down […]

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looking through the glass

Its when we are completely alone in a room that’s when we usually think of many things we wouldn’t on a normal day to day base. More so we think of our future or even our past and the endless mistakes we have made. Though matter how hard we try each one of us are […]

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a mother’s love

ItĀ  knows no bounds, It picks you up when your feeling down, It brightens your darkest days, It lights you up when you are grey, No one knows love better than a mother. I truly understood that love when I became a mother for it completed me in ways beyond my imagination. Yes indeed it […]

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Amelia and nap time

Getting my daughter to sleep is always a task for you never know what type of mood she might be in. Sometimes she is quite playful and totally lovable, other times she is like the naptime monster who screams an cries for everything. Honestly the way I see it a child shouldn’t have to be […]

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Designer Genes (Down Syndrome)

In the past we have beenĀ  ill guided and misinformed when it came to down syndrome. No one truly understood what it really was, some was even lead to believe it as a sickness or a disease. Shocking right, especially with all the high tech we have now the world embraces persons with down syndrome […]

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