I’m just a mom documenting her pregnancy journey.This blog is my way of keeping my sanity and helping me to cope with this motherhood road that i’m on.I always write in diaries so why not share my thoughts and experiences with everyone.Hope that you enjoy and feel entertained as you take a peek into my […]

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It has been such a long time since i’ve typed anything and i really started to miss it but now that i have gotten back a laptop hopefully ill be back to writing daily or at least weekly. I look forward to sharing my world once more.

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It’s a wonderful thing to be a mother but it’s also tiresome. In my option I’ve got the sweetest baby girl one can ask for but Lord knows how tired I am… Both mentally an physically. After a while it becomes frustrated and then I need to get away even if it’s for half an […]

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That b***h Hurricane Maria

18th September 2017 is a day each an every Dominican will have engraved in their minds and hearts.For it left a horrible scar on my beautiful island. Like a thief in the night, the eye of hurricane Maria passed over Dominica at a category 5. Yes I said at a five. With the wrath of […]

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I still get excited….

I still get excited when she smiles at me I still get excited when she does the simplest of things I still get excited the way she reacts to me I still get excited when I see her growth I still get excited when I hear her coos I still get excited when she laughs […]

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