Planning for my future

Now it’s much easier planning your future when it is only you, but put a baby in the mix and you’ve got one hell of a detailed planning to think of.After all it’s another human being.One dependant on you for everything. As it is i’ve only got about 3-4 weeks before my daughter enters into […]

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Fathers Day

By definition it is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. For me it never held any true meaning since i don’t know my dad.Yes i know what he looks like and what he sounds like but beyond that i don’t know the man.When i was […]

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34 weeks and counting

The day draws nearer…. Amelia grows more impatient… Daily it is like a battle for she kicks and stretches in my tummy, fighting me like it’s my fault she is still in there.My energy level is basically at a 3 and on a good day about a 5.Everything i do makes me tired or grumpy. […]

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I think i’m getting old lol

Is it me or does anyone else realise that the kids of today are very different than those of your decade???? For example, they have no manners nor respect.Not even for themselves.Though i’m still young at least i am nothing like them. Yes i sound like an old timer but back in my days i carried myself […]

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