I think i’m getting old lol

Is it me or does anyone else realise that the kids of today are very different than those of your decade???? For example, they have no manners nor respect.Not even for themselves.Though i’m still young at least i am nothing like them. Yes i sound like an old timer but back in my days i carried myself […]

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Back to school???

What a day.Now i’m tired and miserable. Didn’t realise that been among little children was this draining.I say so because i spend all day at my youngest sister school.Now her class isn’t an ordinary class for she is autistic.Meaning she requires special attention along with her fellow students. Boy do little kids like complaining and […]

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Thinking Out Loud….

Growing up i never had certain things, i use to envy those more fortunate than me.But as i got older i realised that it’s never good to envy others. We don’t know what that person did to come about some of the things that they have, or sometimes mom and dad are just better off […]

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Hello, readers! Let’s follow up on the topic of dreams with a practical guide. Now, It’s one thing to picture a dream with your mind’s eye and say that’s what I want, but how do we go about bringing it to life? How do we turn a make-believe story into a reality that we can […] […]

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