That b***h Hurricane Maria

18th September 2017 is a day each an every Dominican will have engraved in their minds and hearts.For it left a horrible scar on my beautiful island. Like a thief in the night, the eye of hurricane Maria passed over Dominica at a category 5. Yes I said at a five.

With the wrath of an angry woman she destroyed everything in her path. Not a single house was left with a roof (unless concrete) not even a single leaf was spared. Within the blink of an eye she brought my nature island to her knees.

Morning came and all that could be seen was destruction and debris. Lucky for me I wasn’t on island at that time due to my baby girl not yet had her shots. Else I would have been among it all. All communications, light and water was down. Dominicans was back to the stone ages. Trying to contact anyone was a task on its own.

Almost two weeks went by without knowing if my family and friends was dead or alive. Eventually, bit by bit I learned they was alive but we had lost our home. No longer was I able to even consider going back or else I would be homeless like many others.

Thankfully, from all corners of the globe relief was been poured into helping my fellow Dominicans. But as it is with every disaster some are taking the opportunity to be wicked an spiteful. Robbing, looting and been down right unlawful to one another. A complete battle field.

Although my grandmother is alive she is in great need of continuous medical attention and needs her home rebuilt. To help her I’ve opened a site where others can send funds to help with her well been….Click the link to help donate please for although it’s almost three months since it all happen help is still needed. – personal fundraising & crowdfunding website!

I am most thankful I didn’t experience such a scary moment but just seeing the pictures of what was known as the nature isle of the Caribbean totally bare and almost laid to waste breaks my heart in more ways than one. Daily I cry an pray for Dominicans.

One day she will be beautiful again but just will never be the same.😣

Here are some before an after photos to show you how evil that hurricane was to my little island.




8 thoughts on “That b***h Hurricane Maria

      1. It’s all fucked up when this can be fixed by these higher class jurks… the shall remain nameless….

        You have people in America who can by small islands and not get a dent in there money ..

        So many things come to mind but I can’t say them… don’t want to get banned from wordpress!

        But it makes me so furious! The kids… the families effected everything.. but people are to damn selfish to care….

        And to them who can help but wont! Fuck you all!

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