Sorry fellow mothers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Before i got pregnant I always wondered why some mothers had pictures of their child/children plastered all over social media. Is it attention their seeking???

Now that I’ve given birth I totally understand the urge to want to show off that little bundle of joy. Each day I fight the feeling to be posting pictures of her. Her cutness is overwhelming and the slightest thing she does is so fascinating. Your weak towards it all.

All I want to do is hold her and kiss her up, smell her, hug her and just freak out over her. There isn’t anything I love and adore more than my daughter. Her father is totally gaga over her. Coming to think of it everyone who comes into contact with her falls in love instantly.

Never will I get over her. say hello to Amelia😊

I’ve even created her own Instagram so I can share her pics @lifewithamelia3 follow her for daily photos 😁


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