The day Amelia got sick šŸ˜–

Why did this have to happen now??

Of all things to happen she caught that stupid cold. I was hoping she didn’t because two of my sisters was sick with it. So although they kept far away, my little snookums got it. Omg it’s scary to have a sick newborn to deal with. Worst again my mom went out and I couldnt get into contact with her šŸ˜•.

Here am I with a sick, vomiting and coughing newborn not knowing what to do and I can’t get mama bear. You should know I began panicing. Thankfully her dad was there to calm me enough to think clearly and breathe properly. Yes when I panic I can’t think straight.

Upon calming down I called a friend of my mom, who is also a mother and she was able to give me a few pointers. But I still wanted my mom (Yea I’m a big baby). Eventually we got a hold of mom and she came home. Mind you it’s 2am in the morning and I’m yet to sleep due to worry. Never have I ever felt so vulnerable and helpless like I did that night. Watching my baby girl so sick and not been able to comfort her an take away her pain caused my chest to arch in a way I thought would kill me.

Mom took her away from me because apparently babies feed off their mothers energy and she was getting the negative vibez from me thus making her feel even worst. I was sent to sleep while she comforted baby Amelia.

I maybe got like an hour sleep before I was awaken to feed her. Didn’t even put her back into her crib for u wanted to keep my eyes on her. So I spread a blanket between her dad an I. The next day she was still feeling very crappy so when mom finished work she took us to the doctor. Thank God we did that soon for we was told she had a tummy infection and a lot of mucus on her chest. Was given 4 different types of medications to give to her.

Today she is better for this happened like a week after she was born but Lord so far been a mom is been one heck of a roller coaster of emotions šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆ.

A tease photo of my princess šŸ¤—šŸ¤—šŸ¤—


10 thoughts on “The day Amelia got sick šŸ˜–

      1. Oh stop! You know she’s the cutest of all times… Creation is the most important and wonderful universal unexplainable beauty of life……

        You’ve manage to make life better with life! Beautiful!

        I’m trippin… you probably think… I suck at explaining things… lol!

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