False alarm

OMG that was the scariest thing i’ve ever felt in my entire life.

So yesterday i went to the beach with my mom and two of my siblings.Now the water is the only thing which helps me forget i carry a tummy infront me for i feel light and free.I did a few stretches and swimming just to loosen up the body and just chill and take selfies (ill post some pics in another post)…..

After some time it was getting late so we packed up, made a quick run to the supermarket then headed home.Only problem is that my body started to rebel against the activities.By the time i got home i barely had energy to wash of the sand and salt and to just lay down.First though i had some nice warm peppermint tea.

As the night went on i began feeling Amelia rebelling and stiffening up inside me, i know she does that that when she is either restless or if i drink something cold.Although i tried everything i couldn’t get her to relax, not even music which is something she loves btw.After some time my waist began hurting really bad to a point where moving wasn’t an option.

Thinking that it is probably due to all i did earlier i decided to ride it out.

Lord have mercy look pain.Try to imagine been poked none stop with something hot on your waist area and been punched under your stomach at the same time, all while your tummy feels extra hard.Yep that’s kinda how i felt.Whole night i was restless and in and out of sleep.In the morning it was just as bad, even made tears come out my eyes.

Mom had already left for work when i realise i might actually be having contractions and that wasnt normal.So i messaged her explaining how i felt.She was a bit annoyed that i didn’t tell her how i was feeling since last night.But sometimes is not everything i gotta start panicking over right.

She told me if i can take a warm bath, drink some tea and monitor the pain as it comes and goes.So i did as i was i was told and i end up falling asleep after awhile.After all i didn’t sleep much last night plus the pain had me feeling weak.When i woke up i messaged her updating her on how i was feeling.

Seemed that it was only a false alarm, instead what i had experienced was called Braxton Hicks…I was like wtf so that was kinda just a preview of what is to come???Well damn am i in for a rollercoaster of pain and a whole lot of crying.


To be honest the only reason i don’t want to go into labour just yet is because my boyfriend haven’t arrived yet and i don’t want him missing the birth of our first child, otherwise i just wanna get this over with lol.I love my daughter but i’m not myself these days šŸ˜¦ …..

Truly not looking forward to the real contractions lol………But for now i shall relax and take it easy.


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