Have i lost my passion for writing??

Some say i have 

But in truth i haven’t

Just been caught up preparing for my little one

At any given time she can make herself known 

So everything needs to be in order

Can’t have a disaster happening now can we


Energy levels are mainly 1% or auto pilot most of my days

 Body temperature rising causing never ending sweat to cascade 

Finding a comfy position at night is like solving the rubik’s cube 

Turn to the left,turn to the right,on my back,on my tummy..Nope REPEAT

Never have i felt so miserable in my life

Who ever enjoys being pregnant is a mental patient 

Having such a small human dominating your every action isn’t fun 

Carrying such a weight all day everyday sucks 

Only within the calm embrace of the ocean do i find peace

But it is all short lived for i can not stay and once again the pains return

Knowing that it will all be over soon both scares and comforts me 

My alien Amelia grows impatient for she wants out

Soon my little one we shall meet……….


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