Planning for my future

Now it’s much easier planning your future when it is only you, but put a baby in the mix and you’ve got one hell of a detailed planning to think of.After all it’s another human being.One dependant on you for everything.

As it is i’ve only got about 3-4 weeks before my daughter enters into this world.So now more than ever i need to sort out my life.

Right now i have no job and have to depend on my parents and boyfriend for money and i hate it.Hence why i’m so thankful for the 1onlinebusiness( the time i was 18years up until last year i have depended solely on myself.No it wasn’t easy but it felt great having that sense of freedom, was a breath of fresh air.

Don’t know where it all went wrong but suddenly everything came crashing down.Just when i was about to pick myself up again i learned i was 8 weeks pregnant.So everything went on pause for i didn’t want a job that may cause me to lose my child.Plus morning sickness became my enemy.Nothing agreed with me……

I’m not regretting the decision that i’ve made for everything happens for a reason.I just have a clearer motivation as to why i want to succeed now more than ever before.Because of that urge then surely i shall get to where i want and even beyond.


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