34 weeks and counting

The day draws nearer….

Amelia grows more impatient…

Daily it is like a battle for she kicks and stretches in my tummy, fighting me like it’s my fault she is still in there.My energy level is basically at a 3 and on a good day about a 5.Everything i do makes me tired or grumpy.

Most of my days are spent in bed sleeping.Certain parts of my body (which shall not be named) hurts like hell.Lord knows i want this child out of me lol.

Yes the thought of labour still scares me but i have reached my breaking point in this, no longer do i have the patience.I can barely even bath myself properly because i got a belly restraining me of even that simple pleasure.Even while typing this i’m feeling sleepy but it’s been a while since i wrote and needed to just clear my head.

Officially i have everything i need for Amelia arrival in the world, but for me i still gotta get a few minor hospital things since the doctor said i can go into labour at anytime.No longer do i do yoga because just thinking about it makes me tired.Haven’t gone to the beach in almost a month, although my lil sis bugs me to go daily (she loves the beach).

Five days a week i bring her to school and back unless my body restricts me from doing such then another family member steps in.They let me do this as a way to keep active since i don’t willingly want to exercise anymore.On tuesday evenings i have computer classes i attend and there is FIVE flights of stairs to get there.I hate it lol.

Yeah yeah i know all that is good for me since i suppose to stay active but then at the end of the day i feel like a dam zombie.


Enough of my petty complainings lol for in the end when she arrives then it will be no sleep and even less energy lol.

Oh the joys of motherhood lol.


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