I think i’m getting old lol

Is it me or does anyone else realise that the kids of today are very different than those of your decade????

For example, they have no manners nor respect.Not even for themselves.Though i’m still young at least i am nothing like them.

Yes i sound like an old timer but back in my days i carried myself with pride, respected my elders and parents..The amount of fights especially with females in their school uniforms are all over the internet.It hurts my heart to be honest.They are degrading themselves in the eyes of the world and they don’t even care.Worst of all the fights are always due to some petty things.I personally think it’s best to put them in the wild instead of the animals.

Another thing is the type of music.Before music was much more enjoyable, now it’s more noise and a load of crap.Very few artists makes proper music.Most just have a bunch of girls twerking their implant bodies.Gotta say it like that cause that’s what it is.The images they portray makes girls growing up feel insecure about their bodies and think it is right to think and act loose.

Maybe my way of thinking is to mature for my 23 years but these things really get to me.Now more than ever i wanna be the best mother that i can for if Amelia goes down that path it would break my heart.


2 thoughts on “I think i’m getting old lol

  1. I think we all feel this way as we grow a little older, maybe we were wild to and just not notice it as much, who knows really, I like this post definitely something interesting to think about, keep on smiling 💙

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