Back to school???

What a day.Now i’m tired and miserable.

Didn’t realise that been among little children was this draining.I say so because i spend all day at my youngest sister school.Now her class isn’t an ordinary class for she is autistic.Meaning she requires special attention along with her fellow students.

Boy do little kids like complaining and snitching on each other.Every second it’s a ma’am this and a ma’am that.A certain time i had to escape just to find a peace of mind.Really couldn’t bare it for long.

Make it worst my sister has these awful tantrums that i can’t cope with at times and there was this particular girl who kept teasing her.Lord knows how i wanted to ring her little ears to make her behave since she wouldn’t listen.But i know better so couldn’t do nothing much than tell the teacher so she can deal with that.

Unfortunately my stupid iphone stopped working so couldn’t take any pictures.(Hence why my selfies has stopped)

One thing for sure is that i can never be a teacher.First off you need to have loads of patience and really love kids.Yes i love kids, but i lose patience quickly and would end up beating someone’s child.

So before i end up in court, i just wouldn’t venture into that.Plus i would lose my sanity.

But sweet lord what a day.

One i shall not be reliving anytime soon.Mainly did it because mom and dad had to work and been big sister an all i had to “fulfill my duties”.Besides i would just have been home alone and bored out of my mind,so yeah……


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