My surprise baby shower & a WTF moment….

My day started off as a basic saturday but just that i was suppose to be going to “dinner” with my best friend later that evening.My family had other “engagements” to attend to so i didn’t pay it much mind.I did my sister hair and my toes.But before i know it we was rushing in the bath so everyone could get ready because my stepfather was to drop us off in our “separate locations“.

All of that should have given me a clue as to what was going on but it didn’t.For i had long gave up the thought of having a baby shower.Due to the fact i don’t have much friends but more acquaintances.No one let up what was going on…

I met up at my bestie home where her boyfriend picked us up and brought us to this place.Somewhere which turned out to be “the wrong location“.Even then i didn’t realise what was going on.That’s how good it was planned lol.

Now my bestie had told me it was a work thing but she had get them to just do something special for me on the side.I’m checking ok no biggie cause she is just this kind of person to do something to make me happy.Anyways so we got back into the car and she says to make it special she wanna blindfold me.


I trust her more than anything so i was like ok……Now its like a whole ten minutes i’m blindfolded so i say “you kidnapping me man”  she is laughing and replies “we at the place now, just gotta climb a few steps”……So here i am feeling like a complete fool cause i gotta be guided to steps and put to sit down.

Now when the blindfold comes off i’m greeted with a round of SURPRISEEEEEEEE……

Bright lights from cameras surrounds me and it takes me a few seconds to realise my mom and a few other persons in front me.Never have i been so consumed with emotions that i burst into tears.I cried my eyes out for i really wasn’t expecting such a thing, there were persons from highschool i haven’t seen in years there, plus my family which i left the house with.My mom got worried a bit out of fear my asthma would have acted up.


My mom and bestfrien


Mama bear and i

20170604_211729My brother and sister….Mind you he is only 14years


The funniest part was that the place was three houses away from my bestie home and the food was basically made infront me.

All of this apparently was planned months in advance and poor me didn’t have a clue to it all.It wasn’t extravagant like some baby showers but it was perfect……

My night went by perfectly with laughter,lots of food and off course gifts..After awhile guests departed so it was clean up and part up time when suddenly we heard loud noises from a nearby gas station and vehicles speeding off while people scatter…..We wondered what’s going on, only to see a vehicle on fire..From there everything went from 0-100 for the fire was coming from beyond the vehicle.

Everyone started calling the fire station then we grabbed everything and started running for the fire was getting out of hand.Smoke everywhere and a super high blazing fire.We panicked for if that gas station exploded it would have caused a chain reaction to another one which was near by.Trying to keep myself calm while keeping my lil sis calm wasting easy.

Lucky for us the fire truck came speeding pass us in no time so everything got subdue before an explosion happened…That shit was straight out of a movie scene.My nerves was going crazy and everyone was just laughing now that all was well.I almost ran to the vehicle when dad came to pick us up, just wanted to get home after all of this……….

My emotions was still haywire crazy so i couldn’t sleep, my boyfriend called me and we spoke and laugh which relaxed me enough that when i got off the phone i was out cold (after 4 in the morning)….

What a day to remember………………………………………20170604_212058


2 thoughts on “My surprise baby shower & a WTF moment….

  1. Wow what an awesome surprise so happy it all went well for you, what a beautiful dress as well by the way, yes most definitely one to remember and one you can tell Amelia when the time comes 🌼🌼🌼🌼

    Liked by 1 person

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