Thinking Out Loud….

Growing up i never had certain things, i use to envy those more fortunate than me.But as i got older i realised that it’s never good to envy others.

We don’t know what that person did to come about some of the things that they have, or sometimes mom and dad are just better off to provide such things.

Since learning that i’ve had a clearer understanding.

What i do instead is strive to find my own success or income to get what i want.For it is better when you have earned your own and able to go out and purchase your wants and desires.



2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud….

  1. You know I was the same way for such a long time, I agree all the way I remember when I learned a little later they were less that practical ways of earning things, but even still it comes at a price, I like that you’ve taken the honest approach in the end I think k it leaves less to worry about

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