Me + Babies= Gaga

These days i can’t seem to walk into a store and see a baby or some cute baby thing and not freak out.It’s like a disease or something.My mom laughs at me each time, but is not like i can help it for it comes automatically to me.

Babies are my weakness and come one they have the cutest clothes ever.Already i can tell Amelia is going to run me more brokes than i already am.Oh well, now i will just have my own human doll to dress up and make pretty.Ain’t no crime in that.

Watching mother, daughter pictures on social media makes me picture exactly how i wanna be with my little princess šŸ™‚ and it helps with my anxious feeling.

My only problem is that these people trying to rob you blind with these ridiculous prices on baby things, like seriously BABY THINGS??//Hence why i will order things online instead.Hmmmm maybe i should open a baby store with some reasonable prices…Maybe later down i will do that, sounds like a good idea.

But yea something about the look and smell of a baby just drives me to been a totally fool lol (in a good way though)…What human doesn’t go a little gaga for babies??Well i know i need to get a phone with a lot of memory and great camera because i’ll be paparazzi lol,Amelia will not have a break.

Sorry i’m just feeling super excited…



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