My bad habit

Problem with me is that when i start doing something after a while i lose interest and eventually just stop all together.Yes that’s the most terrible habit, i’m trying my best to get rid of.

Like with art i use to be very good at it, could be even great but nooooo i lost motivation and reason to keep at it.Not saying i can no longer draw but i sure as hell ain’t as good as i use to.I’m a creative person but don’t stick to certain things for too long.

My family always argue with me on the fact that i have the talents but keep them hidden instead of pursuing each one.Is that some kind of disease or is it just the fear of failure????Coming to think of it though in art there isn’t any failure for everything is considered as art since art is a form of expression.

Hopefully as time goes by i will bury that awful way and just embrace it all.Trying not to lose interest in my blog to cause i really enjoy writing and been able to express myself freely.Yes i post less these days but it isn’t due to lack of interest but because of something i’m trying to do for my future.It is taking up a lot of my free time but only for now until i get settled in.

Guess all i can do is pray about it and when i feel the urge to give up, just keep pushing through until i overcome that horrible way.



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