“Music”word of the day

What would life be like without it??

HORRIBLE that’s what.Even to just picture that seems scary for all i see is a life dull and grey.Music is life, it is a medicine for the soul, a healer.No one will feel worthy of living if it wasn’t for music.

On days when we feel down first thing we do is find our favorite songs and sing at the top of our lungs and just dance away.It is our escape from reality.


We feel a sense of freedom when we listen to music.Just listening to the rhythm, the beats, the words all awaken something inside that can’t be explained.I for one love music.Maybe if school work was as easy to remember as the words of a song then we all would be A+ students.

It’s amazing how easy it is to memorize something when put into the melody of a song.The way the brain automatically recognizes such things is fascinating.

Anyone who says they hate music needs to shipped out to space for we don’t need that kind of negativity lol.Though matter where your from,how old you are, music is something which unites us all.Even if it isn’t the same kind but we all have a love for it.

music free

Find freedom and peace in music………………..


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