High school…Our mortal enemies

For me high school was hell, i hated it.

To a teen it’s the place which either makes or breaks us.You have to learn to maneuver yourself in a way that wouldn’t make you too much of a visible target.Everyone wants to be part of the popular crowd, to fit in otherwise.

To have the latest hairstyles, down to the best shoes was a must.Although we wore uniforms not everyone own fitted perfectly.

Teen years are the worst cause that’s when your body goes through puberty and becomes our evil rivalry.Some are blessed to have perfect skin and what not during those times but others get the worst of it all, thus causing them to be picked on.

High school was more of a battle field than a place to learn.

Everyday fights broke out and sometimes it was over the simplest of things.I can remember a boy got the crap beaten out of him for dirtying a fellow student white shirt.Oh yes one thing we all prided ourselves in is keeping our uniform clean or else it was war upon who ever soiled it.

Don’t get me wrong i enjoyed some parts of high school and only because i met a few wonderful friends.It was hard been the new girl because i attended school in a foreign country, so here i am with my accent among everyone feeling like a total outsider, an alien.Most of the time i kept to myself and avoided talking to anyone unless they talked to me.Yea totally dorky, but i was very shy.

Eventually as time went by i made friends and was more comfortable and settled.

The educational side to school was a hassle.Just when you thought you finally mastered maths they went and add letters with the numbers and asking you to find X.Lord that use to kill me.Only classes i liked was cooking, designing and art.Well i did sports only because you got to change out of your uniform and you spend that class outdoors.


Thankfully that stage of my life is over and done with, so not looking forward to when my daughter has to go through it because i know it will be a hell of a time.


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