Dammm it’s a month already

Just got an email telling me happy one month anniversary.At first i was like huh, but then i realized it was referring to my blog.Truly can’t believe it is that long already.

Along the way i’ve come across amazing bloggers with awesome posts and a pretty good following for a newbie.Everyday i see someone from a different country has read my blog makes me super excited.


I feel truly blessed to have actually come this far because this was purely a leap of faith i took and say to heck with it all.Don’t regret it one bit thats for sure.

On a side note though i’m sorry if recently my posts have been a bit fewer and shorter.Been dealing with some issues and business that have taken up some of my time, but that isn’t permanent for i shall be back to normal soon.

Thank you everyone for your time and patience with me, i love you guys :*


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