Me before Amelia

When a woman is pregnant and watches her body begin to stretch and enlarge in different areas it makes her lose some of her self confidence.For before i became pregnant i was small, the biggest thing on me was my ass lol.I loved my little slender shape.


Everything i wore flaunted my curves and shape.


Yes i had a little tummy fat but now it has become a round form of transportation for my little one.Don’t think i am regretting getting pregnant.No no this isn’t what this post is about for although i have expanded a bit i still find i’m quite privelaged.You see my pregnancy has only caused me to look even more beautiful for i have flawless skin unlike some who has gotten the cursed black spots and acne.I’m still relatively small for someone who is 29 weeks and my face isn’t puffy looking.

Ok sounds like i’m boasting now lol.But what can i do lol, can’t be losing my sanity and my self confidence all at once.Wouldn’t survive that.My only problem is when it comes to finding comfortable clothes that don’t make me look unflattering.For i highly believe a pregnant woman should always look her best when in public.Indoors she can be crazy looking or what ever but to the outside world she should carry that baby bump with pride.

Just hope my body bounce back to looking that good.


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