“Heartbreak” word of the day

A fellow blogger wanted to me to write about this so i will follow his request.


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In one point or the other we have all been heartbroken.Some more than others.Many of my past relationships have been total failures making me wonder if i even deserved to be loved or was i cursed.

heart break quote

But one thing we should never do is blame ourselves when someone “dumps/leaves” us because in truth if it was meant to be then nothing would have gone wrong.I firmly believe that “everything happens for a reason”.

God works in mysterious ways.We might not see him but there are ways in which he removes thorns/poison in our lives without us noticing.Instead we only see the negative and beat ourselves up by not feeling we was worthy of being loved.

Heartbreak is a term used to describe crushing grief, anguish, and distress due to the pains and strains of love.


There are many things though that can cause us to experience heartbreak.For example loss of a loved one or maybe a pet and disappointment are just a few.When we feel heartbroken it is more of an emotional thing that is thus materialized into something of a physical pain.We start feeling tightening of the chest, shortness of breath, abnormal stomach pains and increased heart rate.

To get over such a feeling isn’t an easy task.

But by :

  1. Talking to someone who cares and understands you
  2. Allow yourself to feel pain, embrace it
  3. Take your broken heart to god in pray
  4. Give yourself time to heal
  5. Learn from your experiences

Then and only then can we began to feel a relief and mend our heart.For none of us wants to die due to a broken heart (yes it can actually happen).

My biggest remedy for a broken heart is to cry till you can’t cry anymore then take a good long look in the mirror and see how terrible you look all puffy eyed and drippy nose, then tell yourself anyone who makes you look or feel this way is undeserving of your love and attention.Give yourself some time to heal because the feeling don’t just vanish and keep praying about it.Most of all DON’T jump into the next relationship that comes your direction, show yourself some self loveย only when you have fallen in love with yourself again will you truly see how deserving you really are.



10 thoughts on ““Heartbreak” word of the day

    1. happy you liked it….would have never thought to write on heartbreak so thanks for the bit of inspiration…..
      your welcome for the shoutout besides your one of my biggest blog supporters so y not send some light towards you

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      1. Fa show!
        Your the koolest! And like u said before your a big inspiration yourself.. a teach and a reacher… and I’ll continue to be num1! And you gotta write you book so I can get a copy autographed…๐Ÿ‘

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