Be careful what you wish for

For days i’ve complained about the draining, bothersome heat now for two days nothing but grey skies and rain accompany me.

I wouldn’t be so bothered by the rain if only i didn’t have to leave the house.Make it worst no umbrella could not be found.

Had to do what had to be done, so i summoned up the courage and got out of bed feeling almost like the walking dead and got myself in order.To match back with the dull weather i dressed from head to toe in black and grey, keeping in mind that i need to stay warm and as dry as possible.Then i was out the door to catch the bus.

Longest five minutes wait ever lol.I hate getting wet.Took an entire half an hour or so to get into town.

Like someone was chasing me i walked the wet streets trying to avoid umbrellas, rain and humans.That wasn’t an easy task but since i had planned out my route while in the bus it was manageable.

Eventually i got to my first destination but was annoyed by the three flights of stairs i had to climb.When that was over and done i headed straight to the clinic to do a blood test.Had this nasty sweet thing to drink and wait a whole hour before they could take it.Thankfully there was a book in my bag to pass the time….That nurse took four things of blood, can you believe that.Hate seeing my blood leaving my body.

Finally i was done with that, now i had to zigzag as fast as i could to get another bus to take me to my little sister school to pick her up.Mind you it’s raining cats and dogs now and i’ve got no umbrella to shelter.WHen i get there i sheild her as much as i could from the annoying rain for i do not want her to catch a cold (although i need to be careful too).

Took a whole fifteen minutes before we got a bus and even that one was packed with people trying to get home where it is warm and dry.Lucky for me i got a seat thanks to me been pregnant :)….One of the perks on public transportation.Another half an hour and we were home changing into warm clothes and drinking hot tea.

Nothing feels better than been indoors when it’s rainy.One the bright side i got some exercise in all that fast walking i did lol.An i’m surely gonna try not to complain about the weather as much before it seeks revenge again.


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