“Freedom” word of the day

This has been used in many forms/ways.Example freedom of speech, freedom of expression etc.But they are all a form of freedom.

“The state of not feeling imprisoned”

“The power or right to act,speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”

Both of these clearly define the meaning.

Everyone loves to feel free and able to do as they please.Although there are some rules which might prevent such from happening they are for our own protection.As ridiculous as some may seem.

When we don’t have the freedom we want we tend to rebel in the worst of ways.For me i rebel when i was fifteen years, all because my mom told me i couldn’t get a tattoo until i was older.So you can guess what i did, i went and got a huge tattoo on my waist (tramp stamp…idk why they call it that).No one knew about it until a week later and it was all because my shirt betrayed me and my dad saw it.Let’s just say everyone had a fit.

That wasn’t all i did after that though but not going to get into those details now.freedom_quote_2.jpg

When we are given the chance to feel free that is when beauty is created.Imagine a world without the magnificent art that has been done for decades, or without music (oh god i would die) even food.Glorious, mouth watering food.Sorry my greedy ass just thought of food lol.My point is the world would be extremely dull and lifeless.

Many think of freedom and their brains start thinking of slavery.Although it has since been abolished, it’s quite alive in many countries and even in our minds.be free

Our minds are the biggest shackles, bars, cells and slave masters imaginable to us all.This is why we are so afraid to pick up the reins and just embrace freedom.I love been free to do as i please every once in awhile.Though for now i’m a slave to my unborn (don’t mind it) she hasn’t been born and yet she bosses every aspect of my life lol.

Once again i feel like i’m rambling….Smh, these days my brain is so crowded i can’t keep up.



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