My not so good crapy day

Obviously my title says it all.Thursday was a downright shitty day from beginning to end.Thus putting me in a mood where i didn’t feel to blog, but i’m all good now so ill tell you about it.

So i was suppose to go to the doctor then to go sign up for an upcoming computer class but for some reason when i woke thursday morning my body felt like i was run over by a twelve wheeler truck and then squeezed through a juicer.Yep not cool.Then from there my hormones kicked into overdrive.

Sun blazing hot outside draining me from any strength i may have leaving me hot and miserable.Not even a cold shower could help me.

My tummy alien then decided she would kick up a storm and reject everything i put into my mouth.Only thing she allowed me to eat was biscuit.But thankful my parents came to the rescue and bought me a roti with fries and my favorite fruit (mango).

Later down that night i made a seemingly harmless joke with my bf which he took extremely serious.Honestly didn’t think it would have hurt his feelings but it did thus making me feel like a total jackass.Though i apologized and what not i just couldn’t get rid of that horrible feeling.Stayed up till the early morning next day when my eyes began to burn me then and only then did my mind allow me to get a few hours rest.

I just just plain miserable from start to finish 😦 thank god a day only has 24 hours.




7 thoughts on “My not so good crapy day

      1. That’s why it’s normal. Let everyone in your life know that you’re going to be emotional for a long time. I’ve had 4 – and I know it wasn’t easy- but mum comes first. Go easy on yourself 😊. I bet that if men had to be the pregnant ones- there would be laws passed allowing them extreme pampering and zen zones. It would probably be a crime to upset a pregnant person!?
        You’re doing great- in fact , amazing 👍🏽👍🏽

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