I think i’m addicted to blogging

Lol ok i don’t mean that literally but i really do love blogging.It has become a part of my everyday life.

When i wake i check my stats, reply comments(if any), read like and comment on other people’s blogs, then post something and get on with my day.Accord to my mood i post like three or four different things.Just seeing a notification excites me like a kid on christmas morning.

Blogging is a world away from the world which is full of wonder and many different things.Omg it’s amazing the countries in which my blog is read.I took a picture of the many countries and send it to my bf and he asked me “who you know in india” lmao i’m like “you’re asking me”.

Never would i have thought that so many people are actually interested in things that i have to say.Although to me sometimes it seems like ramblings.Not one bit do i regret the day i took a leap of faith and just went ahead and created Me Myself & Amelia.

It really shows me that once my heart and mind is into something it will flourish.

Also i want to that each and everyone who takes the time out to read the things i post and to even comment.You have no idea how much it brightens up my day seeing my words been appreciated.Almost like a daily dose of happiness you all inject me with.

By the way i wouldn’t be blogging much tomorrow so might just do a few tonight so i wouldn’t be missed too much lol.Gotta handle some medical stuff and other businesses so yea.

Thank you :*


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