“Anxiety” word of the day

That is something i’ve been experiencing a lot these days especially as my due date grows nearer and nearer.It’s quite terrifying.

Anxiety is a feeling of unease,such as worry or fear that can be minor or severe.

One of the most scariest thing ever.That’s why i can barely sleep at night for my brain is wide awake thinking and analyzing everything.Sometimes even in my dreams these thoughts follow me.

Messed up thing is when you reach the point of panic and the walls seems to close all around you and your screaming but no one can hear.Now that’s super scary.I try to keep mines under control as much as possible since i’m asthmatic and sure as hell don’t like going hospital unless i must.


From what i experience it’s a mental type of thing, like your brain develops this defensive mechanism to prevent you from doing seemingly dangerous tasks.For some more than others this is a very dangerous disorder.Thankfully mines isn’t as bad.


People who has severe anxiety seek either therapy or medical help because to get by in their daily life is extremely scary and a task all on it’s own.

For me it’s mainly the fear of having to go through labour that sets me into panicking, then i worry i might not be the mother my daughter deserves which eventually gets me all stressed out and depressed.My boyfriend and my family tells me that i’m just over reacting but i can’t help it for this scares me.Hopefully i’ll get over it so i can function better.

images (2)If these things in the picture apply to you please speak to someone about it for it isn’t something which you should keep to yourself.Just ensure it is someone you can trust and speak freely to without judgement but with understanding.


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