Mother’s day and Mom….

Although i’m not fully a mother yet just the thought makes me smile.For you see around this time next year i will be full blow celebrating it like it’s my own birthday lol.

This year i’ll just let my mom feel extra special.Unfortunately idk what to do for her.What do you get the woman who brought you into the world, who sacrifices everything to make sure you have it all???

You give her the world that’s what.To bad i can’t afford it lol.I love my mom to death that’s a given fact, even if i’m the first from her womb i still like to be baby by her.You’re never too old to be a big baby.

I even call her mama bear because she is protective of us and shows us nothing but motherly love.

Okay let me show you a picture of the goddess i call MOM.


Yep this is her.

People fail to believe at times that she is my mom but argue it’s my older sister 🙂 ….The mother of five and still look like she is in her twenties i don’t blame them for not believing it.But what can i say except that we got awesome family genes.

I just hope that i can be an amazing mother as she is…..I love you mama bear.


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