“Blessings” word of the day

There is an old saying “count your blessings” and what it translates to mean is be happy for the good in your life.Many of us fail to realise that each day we wake is an actual blessing for somewhere in the world many haven’t lived to see the light of today.

Blessing means to have God favor and protection or a grace said before and after meals.


Never should we ever take our lives for granted.

Though we might not be where we would like to be in life but there are little things that we should be thankful for and count them as a blessing.

  • Have a roof above your head
  • Fresh clean drinking water
  • A warm bed to sleep in
  • Food in your stomach
  • Clothes on your back
  • Shoes on your feet
  • Two coins to rub together

Though minor sounding these a major luxuries that not everyone has and for that alone we gotta be grateful.I admit there are times when i get frustrated because i can’t afford something or i can’t get what i really want to eat and when i sit back and think i realise i’m being petty an unthankful.


So i humbly myself and forget about it for even if i’m not from a rich family i still live better than some of my fellow human beings.Each time we wake up we should thank God for giving us the opportunity to see the light of day and we should always pray for him to protect the lesser fortunate…….

I’m thankful to be alive are you????


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