Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh who in the hell decided to call monday MONDAY????I would really like to know that.It’s the most hated day of the week.Thanks to my little sister tantrum i’m up already and it isn’t even 8:00AM…………..


Like i really don’t wake up until around 10:00AM or so but nooooooooooo my sisters just had to be making useless noise to wake me up.Lucky for them i don’t have the energy required to send something behind them (yes i actually would do that).Can you blame me really???

Yesterday was a shitty day up until bed time and even then i couldn’t sleep so instead i watched “simpsons” instead of ranting on in a moody hormonal post.

Hopefully today should be better despite it been a monday and all.Just need some kind of silver lining in my day.


Until then think i’ll just go back to dream land where my mood isn’t so easily spoiled or ruined……..


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