Commonwealth of Dominica….Nature Isle of the Caribbean

These photos was taken at the end of my beautiful island, Dominica.I’ve had these photos for quite some time and only now realised i haven’t shared them with anyone.Why keep such beauty to yourself when you can show it to the world.

So thats a fact you just learned about me, i’m Dominican….Not to be confused with Dominican Republic btw.People always get those two twisted up.


Breathe taking right.Dominica is so full of nature that you just can’t get enough.

For a true nature lover this is the place to be if you’re looking for a slice of paradise.


Although i’m from there i didn’t exactly grow up there for when i was still a little girl i went to live with my mother on the island of Barbados.Doesn’t mean that i love my little island any less.


Hope you all love the few pictures i’ve shared with you and the little fact you learned about me :)………………I know i should probably state more things about my island but that will come at a later post i promise :*


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