When your emotions try to betray you :(

Ever felt like a foreigner in your own body???

Like something just isn’t right but you don’t know what it is..

Kinda like your looking out of your own body but your not the one in control…….

Well that’s how i woke up feeling today and i hate it,matter of fact only reason i even got out of bed was because i felt hungry.Besides if i don’t eat my tummy alien punishes me for that so no choice in that matter.My emotions feel haywire crazy, cravings spiked and just feeling downright shitty.

I wanna scream and curse and just throw a serious tantrum like i’m two years.Why does been pregnant gotta bring out all those stupid feelings???Any woman who said she had the perfect pregnancy IS LYING, no way in hell can nine months of carrying a human inside you be perfect.

My bestfriend told me go take a walk but i don’t want to end up cursing a random stranger just for saying hi to me…For now i will stay indoors and ride out this emotional train then maybe go have a walk on the beach with my little sis.

Guess today is just one of the days to just say to hell with everything and just relax my mind and body.Get my emotion under wraps…Or get a hug from mom.



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