How is it friday already?????

Dammm did the week fly by fast.Like just yesterday it was sunday.They say time flies when you’re having fun, but what fun is any of us really having these days.

Time has no master so he does as he pleases, waiting for no one and not giving any warning.

We only get 24 hours in a day to try and accomplish something or else that time is lost to us forever.Mr time is just unforgiving when not used wisely.Day in and day out we tell ourselves today will be better, we even make lists of things we would like done that day only to realise at the end only about three tasks was actually done.

It’s the fact that we are slaves to procrastination which causes us to waste what little time we have.I do it a lot.Either i’m feeling lazy, don’t have any motivation, not sure where to begin or just afraid to fail.All of which are excuses, lame and pointless excuses.

find time.jpg

In Order to break that time wasting circle that we are on we need to relieve ourselves from the negative chains in which we have trapped our minds.When those chains are released then the sky is our limit.Then and only then will we see how precious time is and not waste one bit of it.



7 thoughts on “How is it friday already?????

  1. Crazy how slowly time goes when you’re pregnant, then flies by until you wake up one day and your kids are getting ready to drive😬

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