“Determination” word of the day

By definition determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. 


Just as with perseverance and motivation, determination goes hand in hand with them.Like peanut butter and jelly (yummmmmmm).

To be determined is to simply not give up until you reach where you want to go.To find the confidence within that you keep going and going and never stopping.But it’s not an easy road to trod on for a lot of sweat, tears, pain and hard work is the only way we can make our dreams into reality.


If all we do is dream of what we can do, expecting some kind of miracle to fall into our laps then we are fools.Very seldom does one get through with their dream without hard work and even after they have gotten though they need to work their ass off to keep at the top of it all.So don’t have your head in the clouds daydreaming but instead figure out what it is you want for your future, write down a visual plan and possible ways to achieve it.Then kick some butt and make shit happen.


In the end you wouldn’t regret it when you see how much progress that was made.But you will never know what ur capable  of unless u take that first step, that big leap of faith and just drive right in…


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