“Motivation” word of the day

This one is my most important word ever because without it then everything flops.Before i never had the motivation i needed to do anything.I always had a lot of self doubt and low self-esteem.There was even a time when money was my motivation.


But soon enough i learnt that isn’t how it works….If you have read my previous posts you would realise i wasn’t 100% myself due to a war Amelia and Mr fibroid had going on, now i feel way better (thank god,didn’t want to go hospital). What was my greatest pick me up though was a voice note i received from a friend who helped push me to make this blog.His kind and reassuring words acted like a ray of sunshine 🙂 that i truly needed.

want something

People like that are the type you keep around always for they drown out any negativity that may be lurking in your mind.

By definition motivation means “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something” .So instead of thinking I CAN’T, we gotta believe I CAN.

i can.jpg

That is the only way we can succeed, if we believe in ourselves and stop having so much self doubt.My motivation is my daughter and to be able to do right by her for her.To be the mother she can be proud of and deserves.Yes i want to make myself proud to but it becomes greater when you know a little human relies on you.

Everyone draws motivation from somewhere, identify what motivates you and hold on to it like a lifeline.

Many times i feel to give up because everything i want to do requires having money to even start it but then my tummy alien kicks me and reminds me that this isn’t for me but for her.


In the end it will all be worth the struggles and hardship when we can sit back and see the spoils of our labour……….


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