Know who your REAL friends are…

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Each and everyone of us knows this saying like they know the palm of their hand.To me though i prefer it the other way around because it’s usually our “so called friends” who turns into snakes in the grass.With an enemy we already know that person/person don’t like us for it’s not hidden.

But to have someone you trusted, someone you thought of like a family betray you is like been stabbed by a two edged sword.

Over the past years my friends circle has gotten so small it’s like a speck.Much rather it that way for i can t tolerate betrayal,distrust and lies.

There is greater joy in having a handful of friends which are reliable than to have endless you can’t trust.


Since been pregnant my circle has gotten even smaller, almost microscopic lol.Didnt know it could have have.In a way i’m glad it did for it plucked out the weeds in my garden.If you want to see who your friends really are then go through some type of hardship or trial and see who stands besides you then.

Sometimes even strangers are better friends….To have a blog opens you to many people and each and everyone has their own opinion.Which is why i’m happy when i see someone comment cause then i know what my post made them feel.In a sense you guys are my cyber friends lol……

Yep that totally sounded corny lol but oh well , it is what it is :)………..Thank you for always been honest with me.


5 thoughts on “Know who your REAL friends are…

  1. Question my dear if a friendship goes sour can it ever be fixed, maybe the timing was off maybe a lot of other things, is trying again worth it, or as they say once it done it’s done, been thinking about it a lot lately…

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    1. well from my point of view if it was really a TRUE friendship then it can be revived.We all go throu things in our lives which causes important people to slip away,but once u find the source that caused it to get that way and fix it asap then no major harm is done…..If it can’t be fixed then it wasnt meant to be

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  2. True, I never agreed with the saying, enemies you keep closer ends up becoming a lasting friends while your so called “friends” becomes enemies, I still just don’t know why. I enjoyed the read..

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