Because i miss him

Everyone needs love and attention, especially when going through challenges or new experiences in their life.I’ve never mention the father to my child in any of my posts but don’t mean he isn’t in my life.

It’s just that we are extremely far away from each other due to certain circumstances and i miss him greatly.Hence why the topic of him hasn’t been mention till now.Today though i just felt to talk about him for without him i would probably be a major emotional reck.Like for real.

He’s the kind of partner who does his very best to ensure that even if he isn’t around i know i’m loved and cared for.We may not be the richest couple in anyway but we get by.Though we are going through some hard times been that i’m not working and everything is on his shoulders but we both know it will not always be that way.

Before you rise one must first fall

I’m not the kind of person to go in complete detail when it comes to my relationship though i will say it’s the best one i’ve ever had.Okay i feel like i’m rambling lol so gonna stop…One thing is for sure is that i’m lucky to have someone like him.


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