Amelia vs Mr Fibroid…..the ongoing battle

Try to picture this little human growing inside you,dominating your every decision on a daily base.Now try to imagine him/her playing football with your organs.Not a pretty picture right???

Well this is my current situation as it is, just that it isn’t an organ she is playing with but instead a mean fibroid.This thing is causing so much turmoil in my life that i just wanna rip it out.The bigger Amelia gets, the less room she has inside me so she stretches and moves around way more than before.

Sometimes it’s quite fascinating watching her move and trying to identify which part of her body that’s trying to jump out of my stomach.But for the past two days she has been messing with Mr fibroid and just giving me hell.I got so consumed with pain that i told her i want her out now(hides face)….My mom said that i’m losing my mind.

Can you blame me….

The only thing i can do is take some prescribed painkillers and bare the pain.Nothing can really be done yet because it might halm her.If it’s to overbearing then obviously i need to go doctor.sigh

I blame Eve for this pain that women has to suffer…..Why the hell she had to go eat the apple,matter of fact wtf did Adam follow her and eat it too???If not all of this would be avoided and we would just be perfect humans. 😥

Not even my singing to her is soothing her so that she would stop her war with the fibroid.Hopefully tonight she will allow me to sleep peacefully and calms down so i can be of use again.

Two whole days i’ve been in bed laying down, only moving out of it when needed to pee or bathe……Eating and everything is done in bed lol.It has gotten to a point where i argue with Amelia 🙂 mom just watches me and shakes her head.I’m like she can understand me she just doesn’t want to obey.

Mr fibroid and Amelia is making me lose my sanity 😥 ..Days like today makes me wanna drown my pain in a bottle of red wine to just mellow out my feelings.

With all the pain she is giving me i hope i have a easy delivery………………………………


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