1st May

May is  here and with it comes new challenges, obstacles and hopefully great rewards.I’ve began focusing more on finding an online job because soon i’ll be needing it.Plus my due date is slowly creeping up on me so budgeting my time and energy now is a must do type of thing.Dam is it hard to find a good job even online 😦 ,then again usually things that are free aren’t that good.

Daily the hot weather is draining all my energy, leaving me to feel run down and useless.Today i watched a matching parade with my bestfriend and her family,nothing much yet i still feel crappy now.

Even just typing now is irritating me lol.

That’s how miserable i feel now :(…I began so great and while i kept typing my mood changed.Wow……sigh know what tomorrow is a better day so i’m going to try getting a peaceful night rest and then i’ll be perky enough to type something tasteful.

From grumpy me….goodnight


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