Sun & Sand

Nothing brings me greater joy than to just go on the beach.It’s one of the most carefree, relaxing places on earth.To feel your toes in the wet sand and listening to the waves.Everything about the beach refreshes my soul and put my mind at rest.


Wouldn’t you feel at peace here???Although i have this beauty just five mins from home i only go like once every two weeks or so lol.Reason been that i’m lazy and i’ll only go if there is company.Ain’t that just sad….Today my siblings and i went to spend a little time there and just enjoy the water, plus it was good exercise considering the big sunday lunch the family had.


The sun felt delightful on my skin and all i did was sit back and just watch my other siblings in the water splashing each other and enjoying themselves.

The day has finally come to an end so the house is quiet and everyone but me is asleep.


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