About saturday

Hi hi lovies…..So now i’m totally rested and my mood is as bright and sunny as the weather.What’s even better is that i got everything i was craving so you should know my tummy alien is totally happy 🙂 .

Okay so like i said yesterday was a very busy, didn’t get to post much and that’s due to a seminar i went to.Quite thankful that i attended cause now i’m able to attend a special computer class.After all there is a lot of time on my hands, might as well spend it wisely and educate myself more.Also the seminar entailed possible online jobs…

Funny how God works in amazing ways for just the other day i was thinking of online jobs and Amelia future now this opportunity has landed on my lap so obviously i’m going to grasp it and not let go.

stay focus

Two hours of my day was spent in that seminar, then meet up with mom and youngest sister to go buy shoes and other little stuff.Was so preoccupied i didn’t realise the time slipping away until my tummy alien began demanding food.Lord this child can kick up a storm.Finding good healthy food wasn’t that easy for everywhere we turned was fast food and worst the town was parked with humans shopping for reggae-on-the-hill (a major thing up here).After a while lil sis began throwing tantrums so we found a bus to take us home.Don’t know where the time went but it was after five when we got home.

All day i was up and down on my feet that by the time i got home feet was swollen and backache was upon me.But still couldn’t sleep till 3AM, stupid insomnia……


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