Friday Blues

Yet another hot and bothersome day today.Only thing this weather was good for was doing laundry and that’s exactly what i did.Searched for every dirty clothes possible and washed until iran out of clothespins.Then i got started on feeding and cleaning my turtles….Wasn’t able to go for the sand though, got to caught up cleaning and washing.

To make things worst the little boy which i’m looking after began coughing, refused to eat and temperature was rising.Gave him a juice box to see if he will drink it, to my horror he vomited it all over the bedroom floor even getting some on my laptop.Thank god my mom had just arrived home else idk what i would have done (i usually panic when a kid is sick).

Mom took him into her room (he also puked on her bed lol), after all the vomiting was done he got a bath and was rubbed down with things that would help him sweat out the fever (coconut oil and vicks).Finally his mom brought medication to help.So far he is much better, still don’t want to eat but his taking in fluids and has sweat out the fever.

Now i need to find a way to cope when a child is sick around me for i literally does freak out and can’t really think straight, not good when one is to be a mother.

Sigh……………Hopefully in time

Tomorrow i pray isn’t as tiresome as today has been..I’ll probably blog late in the day for it going to be very busy day…


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