Mummy Practice???

Taking care of a kid is some serious work yow.Especially if that child is sick. 😦 .

My mother friend asked me to look after her little two year old son and since i don’t really have much planned for the weekend i accepted.His currently laying next to me while i write this cause now i can’t sleep due to a minor spike in his temperture.Got the stupid flu from the nursery, stupesss another reason why i refuse to send my child there.Children get sick too quickly.Thing about me is that once i know a kid isn’t 100% i go into this mama bear mode (btw thats what i call my mom 🙂 ).I get all super protective and kinda just watch them as they sleep.

It’s not the first time i have baby sit him for i use to do it when he was only a few months old.Guess i got some mommy practice, who am i kidding, a lot is more like it since i’m the eldest of five kids.

Children are strange little human beings that are hard to understand at times, they freak me out too.Before i use to say the good thing about watching other people’s kids is that at the end of the day you can give them back, now am thinking holy crap now i’m gonna be a mom.

That bridge will be crossed when Amelia is born….

Watching this boy sleep just rising motherly feelings inside me, causing me to wonder how will i react when my little girl is laying there feeling sick.In his sleep he actually reached out to touch  me with his tiny fingers………..Sigh….Look one emotional trial ahead of me…

I pray i do not fail…..


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