Blazing hot day….. :(

Finally i can put my foot up and just relax………The weather today was such a annoyance, so hot wearing clothes seemed tormenting.Yes i got to do a few things on my list of thursday goals but the others is to be done tomorrow.

When i woke up today i was in a excellent mood for i had gotten a excellent night rest and was fully charged up.

Did the laundry (still got a little bit remaining), ate something, drink loads of water and tidy up the house.Nothing could be done about the turtles for i had run out of time and had to pick up my youngest sister from school.Sweet lord was that sun hot.


Took me two hours in total to go for her and come back home.Made her something to eat, drank more water then we laid down for we was exhausted.She fell asleep but i was in between awake and half asleep.Everyone is home now so the house had a little bit of chattering.

Now all i want to do is lay down and watch a good movie or something and just doze off into dreamland.

Night night bloggers…………………………


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