Thursday Goals

So i decided inorder for me to always keep myself moving or focused i should probably make some short term goals which can be accomplished throughout the day.Keeping active now is said to help reduce pressure in my waist and to also get me tired enough so am not up at 1:36AM blogging…(hides face)

  • Do laundry (don’t like to much dirty clothes around)
  • Take a walk to the beach (literally live like five minutes away from it)
  • Begin on turtle habitat (got two of them and its really something am itching to do)
  • Start back drawing (use to be good at it but lost motivation to keep at it)
  • 20 minutes yoga before bed (haven’t done it for like a week)

Not going to make no long list cause the turtle habitat alone might take me 2 hours to do since i’ll be doing it on my own and loads of breaks in between.Starting small is always better instead of trying to do a lot and not accomplishing anything.

stay focus

Pics of my finished product will come after its all done…….


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