Meeting my tummy alien

For my first ultrasound i was nervous as hell.I didn’t know what to expect or anything so.

I sat anxiously watching other pregnant women rubbing their huge tummies and thinking to myself is that how i’m gonna look soon ……………Worst part was when the nurse called all of us into her tiny room to pray for us.Then one by one she called us in.

When it was finally my turn i was a nervous wreck, thankfully her kind voice soothed me so i took my place on the bed with my then flat tummy exposed.

OMG why does that gel have to feel like ice been squirted unto u, like seriously.

Seeing my little one for the first time was so overwhelming i almost cried then and there but  kept it together.First stupid question i asked was why the head so big, lmao yes i know that was a stupid thing to ask considering that at that stage they all look that way.Even my mom laughed when i told her i said that.

Didn’t know then that i was having a girl though.Under further inspection i realised that there was a hand to the mouth (sucking finger)……Instantly i fell for this little miracle that i was blessed with.Btw she is 13 weeks there.


Pictures was sent to everyone to share my awesome news and for the remainder of that day i was blissfully happy 🙂 .


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