Is there any legit online jobs????

One of the hardest decisions a mother has to make is whether to be a working/stay at home mom.I personally want to be there for my baby girl in the earliest stages of her life.Also some “daycare/nurseries” don’t take proper care of children but only there for the money.We have all seen some horrific videos travelling around the internet and to be honest i’m too young to go to jail (hides face).I’ll go straight up insane if someone was to hurt my little girl.

Bad thing is that there isn’t much a stay at home mom can do to financially take care of things.So many scammers out there trying to take advantage of innocent people.Before Amelia is welcomed to the world i would love to find an online job.The search is tiring but i wouldn’t give up.

Anyone knows of legitimate online jobs????Please let me know……………


4 thoughts on “Is there any legit online jobs????

  1. Firstly, I love your blog and your mission to document your journey. Pregnancy is beautiful and although I had a tough pregnancy dealing with depression, I survived and I have a child that I love and I would do it all again. Congratulations to you! Motherhood is a beautiful journey.

    When I was pregnant, I was broke. I researched just like you looking for jobs and trying to find some way to make money while I was on my unpaid maternity leave (you can read my post to read about my journey) and in the end, i started my blog.

    Now, I am still blogging and starting my brand but I recently became a Distributor for It Works Global and I am loving their goal which is to get people out of debt. It is a health and wellness, skin care line that is helping me get out of debt and all you need is to promote on social media.

    You can build this business 100% from home on your cell phone or laptop from the help of social media! You can also build through parties, Skypes, blitzing (talking to people in person) etc! Whatever your most comfortable doing, you can build it that way!

    You can JOIN the business! Purchase your $99 business builder kit and you are officially your own business owner! Your kit comes with everything you need to start your business including product which retails over $99! So don’t worry, you’re getting more bang for your buck day1!

    If this is something you may be interested we can discuss it further. Please let me know and I will tell you all about It Works Global and how you can build your own business. Mom to Mom, I understand the struggle.

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