Love for the Unborn

Any woman who has ever been a mother would understand this overwhelming, unexplainable feeling of love that develops between a mother and her unborn.The feel is so powerful that it consumes your very soul.

For days i’ve been in this sucky mood that i can’t seem to escape but when i look at the life that’s growing within me moving around i always seem to find a smile coming on my face.I love that child with every fibre of my body.

It breaks my heart when a woman has kids and treat them so terribly, they didn’t ask to be brought into the world, either our stupid mistakes did or they came by choice.The least we can do is nurture them and love them unconditionally.Understandably there are some consequences when some give up their child because they aren’t able to provide for them or something like that and that is fine, if there wasn’t adoption agencies then the motherless women wouldn’t be able to have little ones they can love and cherish.Not even gonna talk about abortion cause i don’t believe in that (obviously).

The minute i found out i was pregnant i began reading up on the do and don’ts of it all which scared the crap out of me so i stopped reading.Knowledge is good but too much is just too much.I love my little tummy alien and just can’t wait to meet the lil lady that’s already bossing my life.


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