So it’s basically a week or so since i’ve began blogging and i find it to be quite relaxing even a little therapeutic….There is a sense of  relief to just write everything you feel or whatever for the whole world to see.In the begining i was totally scared about even beginning a blog until i just jumped into it.

There are days very few people even visit my blog or even like something i posts and that’s fine by me, this wasn’t created for attention but to have an outlet to defuse my anxiety, frustrations, moods, emotions etc.Not everyone can have the same taste as me, but at the same time i’ve come across a few bloggers who enjoy reading my posts.

Most of my days are spent reading other people’s blogs and taking in their ways of writing, the way they set up things, some even have really good pointers on several topics.A whole world can be found within the eyes of others, we just have to find what is pleasing or suitable to us and just embrace it……

Thank you to all who follows me, reads my posts or just visiting…….


7 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. A week gurl lol wow I never noticed until you mentioned it, your approach and style of writing makes it feel like you’ve been doing it a while, a certain comfortable confidence if you will

    Can’t wait to see what’s next as I’m sure you have ever tons if awesome I ideas, thanks for sharing them, it takes a certain kinda person I think do what we do and your great at it

    Keep up the great work your gonna go places 💙

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  2. I definitely had that fear. I try a lot of things and I would say I’m pretty ambitious but for some reason telling the world about itself is very scary.

    Will anybody like what I wrote? Will my errors make me look dumb? Will my opinions get me fired?
    These were my thoughts.

    I like how you write. Keep going.

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