Just breathe

Today i honestly didn’t know what to talk about for i’ve been in a pissy mood all day.If i have said 100 words verbally today then that was a lot.Sometimes it’s not words that fail me but instead my thoughts betraying us and leading us astray.

Sitting in a room all day makes my active imaginations run wild especially if there isn’t anyone around to talk to.I become consumed and edgey for i’m not always able to control the amount of emotions that is within me.

Relaxing and taking a deep breath to remind myself that although i feel mentally trapped all will be well.I scream out loud, just to find a way release that tension within or else i’m a ticking time bombs ready to go off.


I spent all day in my own mind that now my head hurts and i feel emotionally drained.The best thing i could possibly do now is take a warm soothing shower and do a bit of meditation cause everyone keeps telling me i think to much or am stressing myself. Guess coming to think of it, it’s actually true and all that not good for my baby.

So am gonna go relax my mind and body and hopefully get some rest………………..


6 thoughts on “Just breathe

  1. Breath in deep and exhale…
    Breath in deep and exhale…
    Breath in deep and exhale…
    Breath in….. fuck that! That shit didn’t even work for me… Lol!

    U should call baby daddy over to give you a foot rub and back rub…

    “hey I’m just saying”

    anyways I pray you get the rest you and Amelia need…

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