How is it possible to feel this lonely although surrounded by people who loves you.Like there is this sense of emptiness that just can’t be explained.It’s consuming and scary, at any moment i might just burst.


Messed up thing is that although i want to talk to someone i can’t bring the words out (am better at writing my thoughts) besides i get all emotional when i open up.Even typing this makes me wanna cry (damn hormones)………………

Been pregnant plays too much with your mental health, your sanity is on the thinnest of threads.

loneliness Bible

Loneliness has become an unwanted friend,

Uninvited guest,

An intruder in my life making me wanna curl up into a ball and not move for days……

Oh how i hate u loneliness..


13 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. I know exactly how you feel! It’s like being in prison in your self and feeling like a lonely kid amongst people who say they love you and care for you but you just can’t feel the love… so you just get mad and isolate yourself from everybody.. and they just don’t understand you… idk

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